How to Donate

Recently we celebrated the grand opening of our Kean Community Cares Occupational Therapy Clinic. Our OT program is stronger and more innovative than ever before with the addition of this new state-of-the-art clinic. Our OT students and staff now have a world-class facility in which to work side by side with each client, helping them acquire or relearn the skills necessary to function independently and safely in daily life.

Transportation can be a major obstacle for an OT client. One missed appointment can create a major setback in his/her continuum of care.That’s why the very top item on our clinic wish list is: a bus. A clinic bus would also allow us to take our clients out into their communities to practice their newly acquired skills in a natural and familiar setting—a highly desirable step in advancing the healing process. 

To fund the purchase of a bus, we have created two donor walls to appeal to our donors. The first donor wall is for annual donors; it will be situated in the OT clinic and take the form of the two letters, "OT". Donors’ names will be placed within the letters and be displayed in our clinic for the duration of that fiscal year. 

If you are able to consider making a more substantial gift, we have also created a permanent donor wall in the form of a tree. Your name(s) will be etched into the individual leaves, and will be on display indefinitely in our clinic.

There is no better time to give than now, and there is no better investment you could make in your profession than to give back to Kean University and its superlative OT program.

Thank you!


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